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Kyoto will be connected this fall through the DANDELION PROJECT, an art project to deliver wishes for peace.


Ryotaro Muramatsu / NAKED’s participatory art project “DANDELION PROJECT” will tour seven locations in Kyoto (some of which are closed to the public) starting this fall, October 27, 2021, beginning with Kamigamo Shrine and continuing with Kiyomizu Temple, Heian Shrine, and other locations that have supported the idea of this project.


Now is the time to transcend the barriers between each of us,Experience connecting through art.

The “DANDELION PROJECT” is an art project by artist Ryotaro Muramatsu to plant (install) dandelion art objects “DANDELION” around the world and make flowers, a symbol of peace, bloom around the world.

When visitors experience “DANDELION” installed in various locations around the world, their wishes for peace are carried on digital dandelion fluff and connected via the network to the locations where “DANDELION” has been planted. Digital flowers can be delivered in real time.

In addition, participants can participate anywhere online from the official website, and the fluff from those who experience the event online will also bloom as flowers in various locations.


Dandelion Fluff Art with Wishes for Peace Travels around Kyoto, And to the world

Starting with Kamigamo Shrine, one of the oldest shrines in Kyoto, the exhibition is scheduled to run through next winter, including Ninna-ji Temple and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.We appreciate your support for the purpose of this work, which will spread the wish for peace throughout the world.Transcending sects, religions, and locations, Kyoto will unite and create art.

During DANDELION’s tour of Kyoto, it will also be linked with Tokyo Tower, Saga Castle Park, and Kochi Castle.The event will also be held in cities around the world. People can send digital cotton wool with their names on it, carrying their wishes for peace, to each other all over Japan and even across national borders, and let peace bloom.

Kyoto City and Uji City are supporting the “DANDELION PROJECT” this fall. Through the DANDELION PROJECT, we will continue to deliver our wish for peace from Kyoto, a symbol of Japan’s history, to the world.


<Message from Ryotaro Muramatsu>

As the world changes in all aspects after 2020, how will we connect with the world and with others?We live in an age where everyone has the ability to communicate with anyone.

There is no end to the appeal for “one righteousness” through verbal arguments. However, I would like to believe that there is a way for people to connect with each other through kind feelings of peace and tranquility.DANDELION” is a work that connects people around the world through a very simple act.

I love how it combines the original act of blowing a wish on a dandelion, something we all played with as children, with the scale of flowers instantly blooming around the world.

Flowers do not need words, nor do they divide things.The seed is sent away, and the flower blooms again where it arrives. In this way, we hope that everyone, regardless of country, race, or ideology, can connect through art and make flowers bloom around the world.

DANDELION PROJECT” official website:


DANDELION PROJECT Kyoto Participating locations

Kamigamo Shrine (World Heritage)
October 27 (closed to the public)


Ninna-ji Temple (World Heritage Site, National Treasure)
November 1-2 (closed to the public)


Kitano Tenmangu Shrine (National Treasure and Important Cultural Property)
November 13-14 (open to the public)
Hours: Sunset – 8:00 p.m. (closing time) 19:40 p.m. (last admission)
Admission: Adults 1000 yen / Children 500 yen (with tea cakes)
=2021/10/27 postscript=


Kiyomizu Temple (World Heritage, National Treasure, Important Cultural Property)
November 17 (closed to the public)


Koseiji Temple
December 3-5 (open to the public)


Scheduled for mid-December (open to the public)


Heian Shrine (Important Cultural Property)
Scheduled for mid-December (open to the public)


Ryotaro Muramatsu / NAKED

25-8 Motoyoyogicho, Shibuya,
Shibuya-ku Tokyo 1510062 / Japan