Ryotaro Muramatsu / NAKED

1997年成立创造型公司NAKED Inc.以来,率领电影/电视/MV/空间演出等各种企画。他所监制的长篇/短片作品,曾在国际电影节上获得48项提名和奖项。 近年致力于「FLOWERS BY NAKED」「TOKYO ART CITY BY NAKED」等代表性沉浸式艺术展,以及运用先进的表现方式,结合花道/茶道/香道/歌舞伎/能狂言(落语)等传统文化、表演艺术,创造新的演出和艺术作品。同时以长野县·阿智村为首,在大阪府·堺市、佐贺县等日本各地进行地方再造的活动或文化企划等。
Presents his work at the Whitestone Gallery exhibition Diversity for Peace! at Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy.
Presents TOKYO ART CITY BY NAKED in Taipei, Taiwan and AQUARIUM BY NAKED in Beijing, China.
Begins creating art pieces as a solo artist. His first work was shown at White Stone Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.
Opens experiential restaurant TREE by NAKED in Tokyo.
Begins collaborative work with the successors of traditional Japanese culture such as Kado(flower arrangement), Sado(tea ceremony), Kodo(incense ceremony), Kabuki and Noh.
Presents new original immersive event MANGA MAPPIN’ PROJECT.
Presents a series of NAKED Inc.’s original immersive events. Roles out FLOWERS BY NAKED, AQUARIUM BY NAKED, TOKYO ART CITY BY NAKED, and SWEETS BY NAKED for the first time.
Becomes visiting professor at the Arts and Science department of Osaka University of Arts.
Becomes branding director of Achi Village in Nagano prefecture.
2015 Produces a permanent projection mapping event CITY LIGHT FANTASIA by NAKED at observatories and view decks in Japans major cities
2014 Starting with the NIGHT AQUARIUM event at Enoshima Aquarium, he begins producing immersive events using projection mapping and sensing technology in aquariums, observatories, and commercial facilities
2012 Produces the projection mapping show TOKYO HIKARI VISION 2012 at the Tokyo Station building
Releases feature film Rambling Hearts.
His films received 48 nominations and awards at film festivals worldwide.
2008 Releases his two feature films Aria and Hey Japanese! Do You Believe Peace, Love and Understanding? in theaters

2006 Releases LOVEHOTELS, an anthology of his short films.
2001 Begins production of feature films.
2000 Produces and directs short films such as DAZE and LIGHT MY FIRE.
Involves in various design and visual productions using motion graphics.
Fields vary from advertisements and opening titles for TV shows to music videos.
1997 Founds the creative company NAKED Inc.


Ryotaro Muramatsu / NAKED

25-8 Motoyoyogicho, Shibuya,
Shibuya-ku Tokyo 1510062 / Japan